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ACG - Setting the Bar for Sustainable Water Stewardship in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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The Importance of Water Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Water is a critical resource for pharmaceutical manufacturing. The industry requires large amounts of water for various manufacturing processes, which is projected to increase with the growing demand for pharmaceutical products.

Its water usage can significantly impact the environment, causing the industry to be under increasing pressure to reduce its water footprint and ensure sustainable water and wastewater management practices. ACG, the world’s largest integrated supplier of pharmaceutical empty capsules, granulation, tablet coating, capsule filling and packing films, is leading the charge in this regard.


Leading the Way in Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management

ACG’s formulation facilities generate complex waste streams with high organic content from multiple processes, which must be treated in compliance with strict zero liquid discharge (ZLD) regulations. To achieve this, ACG has partnered with Aquatech to develop a robust ZLD solution for its wastewater at its manufacturing facility in Dahanu, India.


Aquatech’s Innovative Solution for ACG’s Wastewater

Aquatech’s innovative solution combines biological wastewater treatment with high-recovery reverse osmosis (RO) and advanced membrane distillation to operate a 350 m3/day zero liquid discharge plant.


The advanced combination of expanded granular sludge bed treatment, anoxic treatment for denitrification, membrane bioreactor, and high-recovery RO was deployed with a radical twist: proprietary membrane distillation technology, which combines the advantages of thermal distillation and membranes to achieve high product quality at  lower energy consumption.

ACG Dahanu Process Flow Diagram (1)

Impressive Results: Saving Power, Generating Green Energy & Achieving ZLD

The results of ACG’s partnership with Aquatech are impressive. Their innovative solution has enabled ACG to save power and generate 400 Kwh per day of green energy through biomethane production. Additionally, over 95% of water is recycled and recovered for reuse, helping to alleviate local water stress, and the company has achieved ZLD with a minimal energy footprint, despite the complexity of ACG’s waste streams.

The project in Dahanu is part of a larger water technology and service program implemented across three additional sites. The program aims to produce high-quality water for reuse from challenging waste streams by combining biological wastewater treatment and membrane distillation to achieve ACG’s water sustainability goals.


The Importance of Proactive Water Stewardship

Companies must prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices in today's world, and ACG is leading the charge in the pharmaceutical industry. Their proactive commitment to innovative solutions that reduce water consumption, conserve energy, and minimize waste is commendable.

ACG’s partnership with Aquatech to develop a ZLD solution for its wastewater in India is a testament to its commitment to sustainable water and wastewater management practices. ACG sets the standard for water sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry by achieving ZLD with a minimal energy footprint, saving power, and generating green energy through biomethane production.

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