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Aquatech Supplies Repeat Hybrid ZLD System to Texas Power Plant

The Facility

Brazos Electric is the largest generation and transmission cooperative in Texas and is responsible for generating and transporting wholesale electricity to its 16 member-owner distribution cooperatives and two municipal systems. After many years of purchasing a major portion of their electric needs directly from independent power producers and experiencing significant growth in electric demand, Brazos Electric decided to begin a major capital generation expansion program. Their first power plant under this program would be the first unit Brazos Electric had built in the last 11 years. Brazos Electric’s main concerns were with capital cost, schedule, plant reliability and job site safety during construction. Based upon Fluor ‘s proposal to successfully address the key issues, Brazos Electric contracted with Fluor to design, build and commission this 620-megawatt, natural gasfired, combined cycle power plant.As a result of Fluor’s outstanding performance on Unit 1, Brazos Electric felt confident when they awarded Fluor the Jack Unit 2 expansion project in 2008. The new 620 megawatt gas-fired, combined cycle expansion provides reliable electricity with low emissions to serve growing demand required by Brazos Electric’s member utilities.

Project Overview

Fluor Enterprises contracted Aquatech for the water treatment on the first Brazos on Unit 1 and when they were awarded the Unit 2 expansion, Aquatech received the contract for additional water treatment as well.

Scope of Service

For this expansion, our flow rates were increased from our Unit 1 equipment. We delivered for Unit 2 a Raw Water Make up System that included the following Make up Clarifier, 4000 GPM (909 m³/hr), Gravity Filter, 4000 GPM (909 m³/hr). And a Zero Liquid Discharge System that included the following: Zero Liquid Discharge Clarifier, 350 GPM (79 m³/hr), Zero Liquid Discharge Gravity Filter, 350 GPM (79 m³/hr), Weak Acid Cation, 2 x 270 GPM (2 x 61 m³/hr), HERO™, 2 x 251 GPM (2 x 57 m³/hr), and a Forced Circulation Crystallizer, 30 GPM (7 m³/hr).

350 gpm ZLD clarifier
350 gpm ZLD gravity filter
270 gpm x 2 WAC
251 gpm x 2 HERO
30 gpm Forced circulation crystallizer
ZLD dewatering system

Design Water Analysis

Process Flow Diagram

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