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Aquatech's LoWatt Technology Featured in Treatment Plant Operator

DSC00734Aquatech's LoWatt technology was featured in Treatment Plant Operator's November issue, under the product focus section. You can read the excerpt from the article below:

"LoWatt Membrane Desalination technology from Aquatech International is an energy-efficient seawater reverse osmosis system designed for high reliability and optimal energy consumption. It couples robust pretreatment with an optimized reverse osmosis design and a cleaning mechanism to deliver desalinated freshwater. It addresses the challenge of biofouling that results from the presence of complex organics and bacteria in seawater by integrating ultrafiltration membrane pretreatment and a nutrient removal step to continuously deactivate bacteria. This reduces the need to use chemicals to mitigate biofouling. It also uses a chemical-free inline cleaning anflushing process that minimizes cleaning cycles and increases plant uptime."

To read more, click here.
For more information on Aquatech's Lowatt technology, visit our website.

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