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Case Study: Delivering Water Technology as a Service

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With rising environmental and discharge regulations, coupled with the lack of technology and treatment expertise available to treat challenging and complex wastewater, many industries are forced to spend millions of dollars each year to have their liquid waste hauled away and treated or disposed of offsite.

With the evolution of innovative business models and water management approaches, these challenges can be overcome and addressed quickly by turning to experts, like Aquatech, which provide outsourced solutions ranging from water purchase agreements to the leasing and rental of mobile or decentralized treatment plants and a range of aftermarket services aimed at helping reduce risk and cost of operations.

This case study will detail how an international chemical manufacturer leverages Aquatech’s MoVap™ mobile evaporation technology to reduce discharge costs and carbon footprint while maintaining business continuity and compliance.

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An international chemical manufacturer experienced several challenges with wastewater management after bringing a new product online. The new product caused more challenging wastewater, damaging the system, leading to high internal charges for treatment and additional fees associated with hauling the wastewater offsite.

This required transporting over 2,200 trucks per year of liquid waste to a third-party treatment provider to avoid local discharge exceedances, compromised product quality, and higher operating costs. The manufacturer sought an alternative treatment solution to reduce its discharge costs and environmental impact resulting from the CO2 emissions from the hauling trucks.


While investigating a long-term solution to the problem, the manufacturer turned to Aquatech for help. Aquatech explored biological and thermal treatment, conducting initial sampling in conjunction with a pilot study to develop the optimal solution for this site’s unique high-strength wastewater. Conventional biological wastewater treatment was ruled out because of the wastewater’s complexity and the cost and footprint needed to accommodate this type of system.

To the chemical manufacturer’s delight, with Aquatech’s vast experience in evaporation through its ICD Process Technologies division, they were able to offer a novel thermal solution. Aquatech was not only able to offer an optimal solution utilizing its Horizontal Spray Film™ but also an immediate solution through the rental of its MoVap mobile evaporator.

Aquatech’s MoVap™ mobile evaporator was selected for its compatibility with challenging applications such as produced water or other industrial waste with high total dissolved solids. The MoVap mobile evaporator concentrates wastewater by 10x, or 90% recovery rate, enabling wastewater to be hauled off at a much lower volume. In addition to the mobile rental solution, Aquatech also supplied the manufacturer with a skilled operator who helped run the day-to-day operation of the wastewater plant.

Customer Benefits

The implementation and managed operation of the mobile evaporation solution allowed Aquatech to take on the challenge for the customer without investing millions in capital expenditure, enabling them to focus on their core business operations. In addition to continuously delivering value for the customer, the chemical manufacturer also:

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Thanks to Aquatech, the customer implemented a simple yet robust, treatment solution, giving them the peace of mind needed.

About Aquatech's Outsourcing Solutions 

At Aquatech, we understand the demand for outsourcing treatment continues to rise as a viable option for industrial water consumers whose primary focus is on maintaining their manufacturing operations, not water and wastewater treatment assets. We offer water technology as a service by integrating technology, expertise, and financing to consistently deliver reliable performance at a predictable cost.

 As an accountable partner, our mission is to help you consistently achieve your desired treatment and sustainability goals. Whether you have an emergency, want to shift Capex to Opex, or need us to run your operations, we work with you to understand your situation and determine which of our flexible service solutions help sustain your short- and long-term water and wastewater treatment needs. We also offer flexible financing options for various outsourced water solutions, including water purchase agreements and leasing and rental of mobile or decentralized treatment plants. No matter the service, our highly qualified and trained field team is ready to respond quickly to your needs and focused on always operating safely. 


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