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Making the most of every drop : QUA's Q-SEP® Ultrafiltration Membranes


Paper Manufacturing industry in South Africa shows confidence in QUA’s Q-SEP® Ultrafiltration.


Q-SEP Ultrafiltration membranes installed for 3.8 MLD STP water recycling system for the process application.

Model: Q-SEP® 6008

Flow: 159 m3/hour

Number of Membranes: 54

Scheme : STP treated effluent – Media Filters – Q-SEP Ultrafiltration

  • The client, located in South Africa, is a manufacturer of high quality printing paper.
  • Due to water scarcity in the area, the only available source of water was tertiary treated sewage available from the nearby community sewage treatment plant. This water required further treatment for reduction in TSS, turbidity, BOD and COD content, for further use in the process application.
  • The client was exploring a robust and reliable UF system which could perform consistently; and they selected QUA’s inside-out Q-SEP membranes because:

    • Q-SEP has many successfully operating installations globally on similar application. Some of these have been in operation for more than 5 years.
    • The differentiating factor between Q-SEP and other membranes is the patented fiber manufacturing process called “Cloud Point Precipitation” process.
    • This process ensures a higher pore density along the length of the fiber and uniform pore size distribution in comparison to other hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes. This allows UF operation at higher flux rates, requiring less number of modules, and results in capital cost saving.
    • The uniform pore size distribution allows the membrane to produce water with a consistent low silt density index (SDI). In addition, the Q-SEP membranes provide an excellent rejection of bacteria and viruses.


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