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Perfection exemplified? Replacement order - Capex saving - Superior Performance - Repeat order!

Q-SEP® modules replace other manufacturer’s membranes to meet client’s performance criteria, result in reliable and trouble free RO operation.

Client places repeat order for Phase II!

Q-SEP Model: Q-SEP® 6008

Total Q-SEP Membranes: 10 (replacement) + 14 (repeat order)

Permeate Flow: 22m3/hr. + 30m3/hr.

Application: Automotive plant effluent treatment

QUA supplied 10 numbers of Q-SEP 6008 for this plant. Q-SEP operates at a 33% higher flux of 40 LMH as compared to the competitor’s membranes which operate at a flux of 29-30 LMH, and thus less numbers were required for replacement. Q-SEP thus enabled the client save on total system cost, because of lesser number of membranes required. The replaced Q-SEP membranes have now been operating since April 2019, and the client is very satisfied with the performance of the system:

  • Q-SEP has continuously provided a consistent permeate output of 22m3/hr.
  • The SDI at the outlet of Q-SEP is 2 or less, 100% of the time.
  • Permeate turbidity has been <0.3 NTU.
  • The Q-SEP pretreatment has resulted in lower RO cleaning frequency.

The Client has rewarded Q-SEP’s superior performance by placing a repeat order of 14 membranes for their phase II expansion project. These were commissioned in July 2019.

IMG-20190514-WA0001 Phase I       IMG-20190807-WA0009 Phase II


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