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Aquatech's LoWatt™ Desalination Technology Offers Energy Efficient Option for Customers

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LoWatt is an energy-efficient seawater reverse osmosis (RO) system designed for higher reliability and optimal energy consumption – up to 20% less than conventional SWRO. It integrates UF membrane pretreatment and a nutrient removal step while continuously deactivating bacteria without using any chemicals to mitigate biofouling. This also uses a chemical-free, online cleaning and flushing process that minimizes cleaning cycles and increases plant availability. The LoWatt system results in lower life cycle costs by solving the always-difficult issue of biofouling resulting from the presence of complex organics and bacteria in the seawater.

“Aquatech is committed to decreasing our customers’ energy and water footprints, creating the best customer experience in the process. We are pleased to add LoWatt to our portfolio of desalination solutions. It was expressly designed to reduce energy requirements on a sustainable basis by addressing the root cause of the biofouling, and it has lived up to performance goals in field trials,” said Alan Daza, Vice President, Aquatech.

With 50 years of desalination experience, Aquatech is one of the few companies in the world with both membrane and thermal technology capability. In addition to full-scale plants developed under engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) and BOOT contracts, Aquatech offers customized, pre-engineered containerized seawater desalination solutions. The company also offers brine recovery to reusable salt resulting in zero waste.

About Aquatech

Aquatech is a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, water reuse, and zero liquid discharge. The company is headquartered in the United States, and has a significant presence worldwide through subsidiaries in India, Europe, the Middle East, and China. Aquatech strives to provide technology leadership and performance excellence to the global water industry, and aims to support its clients with cutting-edge sustainable solutions, minimizing their life cycle cost, as well as their carbon and water footprint.

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