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QUA's FEDI treats Municipal Corporation Water

Tricore Sharjah - FEDI installation

Model: FEDI-2-30XSV (Single Voltage)

Flow: 2.2 m3/hr

No. of Stacks: 1

Conductivity: <0.06µS/cm

  • The FEDI system has been in operation since November 2019
  • The client organisation offers a wide range of specialty chemicals to the agriculture Industry for better performance of agriculture products in the field, and required a demineralized water system for in its manufacturing facility in Sharjah, UAE.
  • The water source is Municipal corporation water, and the client required a reliable pretreatment and demineralization process to achieve the required product water quality suitable for their process to manufacture Surfactant and Urea.
  • The scheme finalized consisted of pretreatment followed by two pass RO followed by electrodeionization as a final polisher.

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