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Interview: Sharma Brothers Share Aquatech's Quest To Solve The World's Most Complex Water Challenges with Smart Business Magazine


Smart Business Magazine Pittsburgh, an award-winning publication, recently featured Aquatech’s Executive Chairmen, Venkee Sharma and CEO, Devesh Sharma, as the cover story.

Venkee and Devesh Sharma on the cover of Smart Business Pittsburgh Magazine.In the interview, Venkee and Devesh shed light on Aquatech's remarkable journey from a regional to a global leader in complex water treatment systems, and they reveal the key strategies that have propelled the company's growth. 

According to the dynamic duo, Aquatech owes its success to a combination of factors, including a relentless pursuit of expansion, a commitment to supporting key management, and a keen ability to adapt to emerging markets and evolving customer needs. 

Read the full story about Aquatech’s successes and innovations here




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