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Aquatech Provides Hybrid Zero Liquid Discharge Project for CTX Industry in Inner Mongolia


QUA Provides Wastewater Treatment System to Indian Power Plant

QUA recently completed a project for India's largest energy conglomerate, NTPC. NTPC was in need of a wastewater treatment system that could treat the raw water they used in their process. The...


Aquatech Provides Acid Mine Drainage Solution to Pennsylvanian Power Plant

A Pennsylvanian power company was in need of a water treatment system. The company's source of water is drawn from nearby mine pools and deep wells and contains an undesired level of iron so it...


QUA Provides Solution for India's Largest Cement Company

QUA recently completed a project for the largest cement company in India. They are amongst the leading producers of cement globally, providing a range of products that cater to the various...


QUA's Q-SEP Technology Provided Solution for Coal Fired Power Plant

Project BackgroundThe client, a coal fired power plant located in a center-east state of India, had a requirement of a water treatment system to recycle the plant’s cooling tower blowdown water....


Pharmaceutical Plant Selects QUA EnviQ® Ultrafiltration Membranes for MBR System

One of the world’s largest vaccine producers, required a sewage treatment plant for its new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, and decided to use a membrane bioreactor (MBR) based system over the...


Aquatech Helps California Power Plant Reduce Emissions

After beginning commercial operation, a California power plant was looking to reduce emissions and dramatically lower water usage. Cleaner burning turbines will allow the facility to use less...


QUA’s Q-SEP Technology Helps Automobile Manufacturer Expand Plant

An automobile manufacturing company in India had set up a new plant and was looking to expand their effluent treatment to treat the increased effluent.  The client chose QUA’s Q-SEP Ultrafiltration...


Aquatech Helps Puerto Rico Power Plant Achieve Environmental Compliance Through ZLD

Environmental regulations are beginning to affect businesses across the world! Aquatech has helped a number of businesses facing these regulation to meet and exceed them. One of our recent...


EnviQ Replaces Outdated System for Auto Ancillary Plant

An Auto Ancillary plant located in Chennai, India was in need of a new water treatment solution. The water treatment system that they were currently using was outdated, resulting in frequent...

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