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Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Every year, we host Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day for the children of our employees. The children take part in various fun and educational activities that teach them about water, engineering, personal finance and more! We enjoy hosting the event and providing educational opportunities to the children of our community.  Kids day 1

With more than three decades of experience in helping to “make every drop count,” we are on the front line of solving the world’s water scarcity challenges. This important topic was front of mind in many of our Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day activities. We talked about our sustainability practices and how we are helping companies around the world with theirs, we showed videos regarding water and even had an activity that showed how our engineers do what they do day 2

We also welcomed members of our community to participate in this years Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Our friends at Clearview Credit Union, a local Pittsburgh-based credit union, came to speak with the children about personal finances. The presentation, 'Share, Save, Spend' will help them become better personal financial planners. 

Finally, the children got to participate in activities to better themselves and their futures. In addition to learning about us and what we do, and the personal finance class, we had a yoga class and an activity about what each child's future will might like. All of these activities helped educate our children to better themselves and our communities for years to come. We cannot wait until next years Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day!

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