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QUA's FEDI Technology Provides Solution for Glass Manufacturer

Our client was in need of a demineralized water system for its boiler application in their manufacturing facility in India. The client found QUA's FEDI technology to be the only technology which can which can withstand hardness of 3ppm as CaCO3 in the feed and was chosen as the solution. The FEDI units have not required any chemical cleaning during the two years of operation on account of hardness scaling, and have been operating without interruption.

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More about FEDI:

QUA’s Fractional Electrodeionization (FEDI) process is an advancement of EDI and was developed by taking into account the limitations of conventional EDI. FEDI has been in the market for over five years now and has been installed in power stations, refineries, and more. Many of these FEDI systems supplied are some of the largest installed systems in the world.

The patented dual voltage process allows for a higher flexibility and tolerance to inlet water conditions, thus lowering the risk of scaling, and improving the plant’s design economics and reliability. FEDI products are supported with CE conformity certificates.

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