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QUA’s advanced and patented ultrafiltration solution: how it met the stringent requirement of the premium healthcare brand.

The client, one of the best known medical care services brand in India, was installing a sewage treatment system to treat hospital sewage. They wanted to recycle and reuse the treated sewage water...


Q-SEP replaces other manufacturer’s membranes and saves costs for the client.


“We went in for a retrofit of existing UF due to off the shelf availability of QUA membranes and their technical support. But what we got in return was net savings, in addition to consistent...


Q-SEP Saves Client 30% on Capex with Fewer Membrane Modules

Textile effluent is severely contaminated and contains considerable amounts of hazardous pollutants. Environmental regulations have made mandatory the treatment of effluent before allowing it to...


Overcoming Challenging Water Hardness for a Glass Manufacturer


QUA's EnviQ Submerged MBR successfully treats wastewater for one of the world’s largest vaccine producers

QUA’s EnviQ® submerged ultrafiltration membranes have been successfully treating sewage and industrial waste laden water with high organics since 2016 to provide product turbidity consistently <1...


QUA's Cloud Point Precipitaiton technology a winner again!

Treatment of high impurity sewage water


QUA's Commitment to Quality Service

Committed to Quality Service


QUA's FEDI Technology Provides Solution for Glass Manufacturer

Our client was in need of a demineralized water system for its boiler application in their manufacturing facility in India. The client found QUA's FEDI technology to be the only technology which...


Pharmaceutical Laboratory Project Profile

QUA’s FEDI®-Rx proved a perfect retrofit for other manufacturer’s EDI stacks and has been delivering high purity, pharmaceutical grade water consistently for the last 4 years, irrespective of...


QUA's Q-SEP Ultrafiltration Replaces Other Manufacturer's UF

A global motorcycle company was in need of new ultrafiltration membranes. Their current membranes were not meeting the clients performance criteria. QUA's Q-SEP membranes were chosen as a...

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