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What FEDI's Customers Are Saying

QUA's FEDI technology has been in the market for over nine years and has been installed in power stations, refineries, and more. These customers have written to us to let us know how FEDI is making a difference in their business.

"The FEDI unit supplied by QUA in 2010 was commissioned on May 14, 2011 and has been operating to our satisfaction...Product water quality below 0.06uS/cm and low silica levels less than 10ppb" - Renewable Resources 

"The feed to the system is from single pass reverse osmosis unit. The product water quality has been typically around 0.06uS/cm...We are satisfied with the system performance and he service support extended by QUA" - BirlaFurukawa 

"The Electrodeionization plant produces Demin. Water for boiler feed having conductivity consistently less than 0.1mS/cm in treated water...We are satisfied with QUA FEDI product performance and with the technical support provided by the company" - Global Environmental Solutions Ltd.

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