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QUA Project Featured Membrane Technology Magazine

 DSC00746-1QUA's QSEP® technology was recently utilized my Aquatech to complete a project for one of the largest detergent brands in the world. The company wanted to treat seawater to augment water supply at their plant and reduce dependence on rain water. The company selected Aquatech as the EPC contractor to design and supply the new 25 MLD Seawater RO system. Aquatech selected QUA’s Q-SEP® hollow fiber membranes as the pretreatment to SWRO system because of the unique features the membrane offers.

This project was featured in Membrane Technology Magazine's February 2018 issue. The featured reads:

"Nirma Ltd manufactures products that include detergents, cosmetics, soaps, salt and soda ash. It is one of the largest selling detergent brands in the country. The facility is located in Gujarat, a water-scarce region in western India.
When Nirma expanded its facility, it had an increased requirement for fresh water. It selected Aquatech to design and supply a new sea-water reverse osmosis (SWRO) system, with a capacity of 25 million litres (6 604 301 gallons) per day.
Aquatech says that it was chosen because of its advanced technology, with a focus on pretreatment, energy optimisation and overall water recovery.

After studying the feed-water quality and issues with the existing operation, the company proposed the use of its patented LoWatt technology for the new SWRO plant. This process will reduce energy consumption for the facility and deliver water at a low cost to Nirma."

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