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Case Study: Enhancing Cooling Tower Performance and Efficiency with BioFilmPro™


Case Study: Aquatech’s Minimal Liquid Discharge Solution for Soybean Crushing Facility

Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment Helps Reduce Environmental Footprint and Ensure Regulatory Compliance



ACG - Setting the Bar for Sustainable Water Stewardship in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Case Study: Auto Manufacturer Proactively Controls Biological Fouling in Wastewater RO using BioFilmPro™

Biological fouling is a major challenge in reverse osmosis (RO) membrane systems because it leads to increased maintenance and cleaning/replacement frequency, reduced productivity, high energy and...


Case Study: Beauty & Personal Care Facility Reduces Wastewater Discharge Costs & Carbon Footprint

Before investing in new technology solutions, industrial users should conduct a holistic review of their water systems to identify opportunities to elevate existing infrastructure capabilities or...


Case Study: Aquatech Supplies Landmark Recycling Project at Kuwait Oil Company's Lower Fars Heavy Oil Development Project

Recovering valuable materials from industrial wastewater can help offset investments in circular water projects and even provide solutions to other challenges, such as reliance on fossil fuel-based...


Case Study: Delivering Water Technology as a Service

With rising environmental and discharge regulations, coupled with the lack of technology and treatment expertise available to treat challenging and complex wastewater, many industries are forced to...


HERO™ Offers Economical Solution for an Arizona Power Plant

The Facility

Griffith Energy LLC is a developer of The Griffith Energy Project, a new 520 MW natural gas fired combined cycle facility located 8 miles south of Kingman, Mohave County, Arizona. ...


Aquatech Completes ZLD Facility for Integrated Gasification Combined Project

Kemper County Energy is one of the few Integrated Gasification Combined (IGCC) projects in the United States. Supply water for this plant is wastewater from the City of Meridian and needs to be...


QUA Provides Q-SEP Solution for Coal Fired Power Plant

A coal fired power plant in India was in need of a water treatment system to recycle the plants cooling tower blowdown water. QUA's Q-SEP membranes were chosen as the solution due to its high water...

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