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Wastewater Recycle and Zero Liquid Discharge for CTX Industry in China


Aquatech recently completed a project for Shenhua Oil Chemical Co. Ltd in China. To reduce its carbon and water footprint, and to ensure statutory compliance, Shenhua Xinjiang implemented a project to construct a system to recycle water from wastewater generated by the plant and eliminate waste water discharge (ZLD). Shenhua Xinjiang selected Aquatech to design, engineer, and supply the wastewater recycle and ZLD system, and to supervise installation and commissioning.

Aquatech supplied a fully integrated and automated system developed by Aquatech for the CTX market utilizing state-of-the-art AquaEZ™ technology consisting of a HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) followed by a HEVAP™ (High Efficiency Evaporation) evaporator and a crystallizer to eliminate liquid discharge from the plant. The AquaEZ™ plant consists of three systems; water recycle, zero liquid discharge, and recycle water post treatment. 

As a result, the facility has reduced their carbon and water footprint, ensuring compliance as well as saving time, energy and money.

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