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Aquatech Awarded New Combined Cycle Plant using FEDI Technology

Aquatech has been awarded a new combined cycle plant for a power company in the United States. Aquatech will provide a pretreatment system (150 GPM Product Flow), demin system (100 GPM Product...


QUA's Membranes Treat 350 million Liters of Water Daily

QUA's membranes are treating 350,000,000 liters of water daily. By 2019, this number will grow to 450,000,000 liters daily. These membranes include QUA's QSEP, FEDI and EnviQ technology.



Get the Extra Edge with QUA

QUA is a technology leader in advanced filtration membrane and membrane related products for water and wastewater treatment applications. Headquartered in USA, QUA brings to the market deep roots...


Aquatech Will be Attending The International Water Conference

Aquatech will be attending the International Water Conference 2018. The event will take place November 4-8 at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Aquatech will be located at booth...


QUA Will be Attending The International Water Conference

QUA will be attending the International Water Conference 2018. The event will take place November 4-8 at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. QUA will be located at booth #500.


Reliability and Availability in SWRO Plants

Reliability and Availability in SWRO Plants by Madanant Murugkar

Compared with plants that use thermal processes such as MSF and MED for desalination, SWRO (seawater reverse osmosis) plants may...


Aquatech Will Be Sponsoring Produced Water Middle East

Aquatech will be sponsoring the 2018 Produced Water Middle East. The show will take place from November 11-12 at the St. Regis Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Aquatech's Managing Director, Devesh Sharma,...


Aquatech Helps California Power Plant Reduce Emissions

After beginning commercial operation, a California power plant was looking to reduce emissions and dramatically lower water usage. Cleaner burning turbines will allow the facility to...


How QUA Is Reducing Risk In A Water-Scarce World

QUA's Devesh Sharma recently discussed how we are working to reduce risk in our water-scarce world. You can read the article below.


Aquatech Awarded Wastewater Treatment System for in biorefinery plant in the US

Aquatech, a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets, has been awarded a new wastewater treatment plant for Fulcrum Bioenergy, a biorefinery plant...

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