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"Basin Bits" features Aquatech Energy Services: Providing Sustainable, Cost-Effective Solutions for Oil Producers

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 Aquatech Energy Services (AES) is known for providing sustainable, cost-effective solutions for oil and gas producers. The 2015 Spring issue of Basin Bits magazine focuses on Aquatech’s mobile, modular and fixed tools that help maximize resources for companies using its services and technology. Devesh Mittal, Vice President and General Manager of AES, emphasizes that the company “takes the pain away from managing the water by bringing reliable, sustainable, adaptable, safe and cost-effective technology-driven solutions to the customer.”

An excerpt of the article is below: 

"Aquatech has been operating for almost 35 years. From its head office in Canonsburg, PA, the company directs the actions of approximately 700 employees around the globe, including for several who are available to work from regional production sites in North Dakota. The company provides mobile, modular and fixed tools to help maximize resources for companies using its services and technology. Aquatech can manage and treat waste coming from flowback, drill fluids, production brine and more, and offers a variety of cost-effective water reuse, treatment and management options.

At the head of the company’s shale gas division is Devesh Mittal, who has worked in the water and wastewater treatment industry for 25 years, 19 of which were with Aquatech. In this time, he has worked as a field service engineer, application engineer, sales manager, and director of sales, before becoming the vice-president and general manager of the shale gas division at Aquatech Energy Services. Through these various roles, Mittal understands the pressure and production costs for mining companies working in North Dakota. Mittal sees his company’s membership with the North Dakota Association of Oil & Gas Producing Counties (NDAOGPC) as a great platform to connect and share ideas, in order to help companies find ways to reduce the pressure and costs on their job sites.

“The sustainability and cost-effectiveness of our solutions are of particular interest to oil producers, and we are looking for the NDAOGPC to help us create interaction with the oil producers facing water management challenges,” says Mittal. “The NDAOGPC offers the right forum to have these discussions with their membership, to enable continued production of energy from the region. In a declining oil price environment, Aquatech’s solutions, which enable producers to improve production cost-efficiencies and reduce cost of water management, are critical to the sustainability of operations.” At the end of the day, mining companies want to be able to focus on their core operations: exploration and production of energy, while reducing dollars spent on water management. Aquatech has a variety of specializations and customized services that can be tailored to a particular job site. Mittal says the company wants to provide the tools that will allow customers to do their work in the best way possible."

To read more please see page 90-91 of Basin Bits magazine.

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