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Aquatech Awarded FGD ZLD Project in South Korea

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Aquatech, a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets, has been awarded a new Flue Gas Desulphurization Zero Liquid Discharge project for South Korean power company Taean. Taean is one of the largest power plants in the world with 6.1 GW of power generation. This project is awarded to Aquatech in partnership with Conway Entech, a local Korean water treatment company. Aquatech will supply 2 X 30 m3/hr zero liquid discharge systems consisting of brine concentrators, crystallizers and filter press.

Why This Is Necessary

In many geographic locations, wastewater from Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) scrubbers can no longer be discharged. FGD scrubber systems create a wastewater stream that is difficult to handle because of its high suspended solids, metals and chlorides content. Due to the high dissolved solids content of this wastewater stream, recycling for reuse internally in the power plant is normally quite challenging.

The only options available for the final disposal of this wastewater are discharge under specified limitations or crystallization/solidification in a ZLD system. Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is a water treatment process in which all wastewater is completely recycled; therefore, discharging no liquid at the end of the treatment cycle.

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