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Aquatech Managing Director, Devesh Sharma, Explains Why Technology Is The Way Forward And Water Scarcity Is Sparking Invention

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Aquatech's Managing Director, Devesh Sharma, spoke with Dr. Trevor Loveday of Cool Stuff and Hot Spots to discuss water scarcity. Devesh explains how economic slowdown isn’t necessarily reflected in water demand. And he explains how he is putting faith in technology so clients reap the benefits. You can read an excerpt from the article below.

WATER SCARCITY IS GROWING. But it's not all bad. Every area of drought brings opportunities to alleviate the shortage and to build a business. And lack of water has sparked invention and created commercial openings for technologies that were once merely cool and interesting. Nevertheless, while technology might be cutting edge, ground breaking or state-­of-the-art, the customer wants certainty; economical and operational certainty. "'Water scarcity is the driver. The big issue is in reducing the total cost of ownership while maintaining reliability through technical innovation - then we have success. But it has to be judged on a performance basis," says managing director of industrial water purification technology firm, Aquatech, Devesh Sharma. He emphasizes the need for companies that offer advanced solutions to industries' water supply challenges to win the deal by guaranteeing the outcome, not the technology: "Aquatech has to take accountability for performance for the client to consider a new technology or a new business model," he says.

Cool Stuff and Hot Spots
D&WR Volume 25 Issue 4
Dr. Trevor Loveday, Editor

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