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Ghalilah RO Facility Wins Distinction for Desalination Plant of the Year at 2016 Global Water Awards

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Aquatech is honored to announce that the Ghalilah Reverse Osmosis Facility, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, has won Distinction for Desalination Plant of the Year at the 2016 Global Water Awards. This recognizes the desalination plant commissioned during 2015 that represents the most impressive technical or ecological sustainable achievement in the industry. Aquatech secured the contract to build the Ghalilah Reverse Osmosis Facility with an audacious energy performance bid of 3.14kWh/m³. The plant now operates at under 3kWh/m³, an unprecedented figure for full-scale membrane desalination. It is the Federal Electric & Water Authority's (FEWA) largest desalination plant to date, and sets a new global benchmark for performance in membrane desalination.

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