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QUA Provides Solution for South Coast Steam Power in Puerto Rico

QUA recently provided a solution for South Coast Steam Power Plant in Puerto Rico. The plant decided to replace an old, antiquated ion exchange-based demineralization plant with a membrane-based demineralization system. This would avoid chemical regeneration and waste as well as allow the plant to be more environmentally friendly. The membrane process also would allow easier environmental permitting for the client.

QUA’s Fractional Electrodeionization FEDI-2 HF stacks were chosen for the electrodeionization polishing step of the process due to their capability to handle variable feed conditions with a patented two-stage design. Additionally, the FEDI stacks provided a high quality, compact solution due to their high flow capacities.

The water treatment system is key to the long-term success of the power plant's production process. QUA’s FEDI successfully delivered a powerful electrodeionization solution that allowed the plant to be more productive and environmentally compliant.

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